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Suan Dusit International Culinary School


Suan Dusit Rajabhat University was established as the first official home science school in Thailand, namely ‘Home Science Secondary School’, which was under the Vocational School Division, The Academic Department, Ministry of Public Instruction. This school was firstly set up on 17 May 1934 at the palace of Krom Luang Choomponketudomsak, presently known as Phra Nakorn campus of Rajamangala Institute of Technology; with the purpose to instruct women about home science for 4 years curriculum . Also, the training course for Home Science teachers were offered with the aim to train those who would like to further their careers in this realm. In 1937, the school was moved to Chankasem Palace ( Presently the Ministry of Education) and changed the name into ‘Chankasem Palace Home Science School’ but was still under the same division. The school offered more courses, specifically, 3 years courses in Secondary level and Higher level.

In 1941, the school moved from Chankasem Palace into Suan Sunandha on the area of 37 rai and changed the name to ‘Phra Nakorn Home Science School’. The school has continuously situated in this location till the present day. Apart from geographical moving, the school was also moved from being under the Vocational School Division, The Academic Department to be under Teacher Training Division, General Education Department, Ministry of Public Instruction. In the meantime, the Ministry of Education set up La-Orutis Kindergarten in this area and this school was subjected under the same division as Phra Nakorn Home Science School but the administration was separated from each other.

In 1954, the Ministry of Education declared the establishment of Teacher Training Department following the Act of Improving the Ministry and Department of 1955. This department was set to gather Teacher Training Section from all divisions together for the economical and professional purposes in developing teachers quantitatively and qualitatively.

Phra Nakorn Home Science School moved to be under Teacher Training Department in 1955 and transferred kindergarten teacher training division from La-Orutis Kindergarten to be under Phra Nakorn Home Science School.